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Business Owners, take note. Visibility in business is a key factor for credibility, being first to mind when the customer is ready to buy, and, to portray yourself as the epert in your field. There are no better places that being a podcast guest. Luxe Life Discovered invites you to be a guest on an episode.

You get a full 30 minutes of air time for one low price – $495.00[simpay id=”708″]

Where will it be seen ? Our syndication is growing every month. We broadcast 24-7 on streaming TV platforms such as ROKU, AMAZON, ANDROID TV, in apps, on 30ATV, and over 40 other local, regional and national outlets. This gives you the advantage over local tv. Customers buy from businesses they know, like, and trust. Luxe Life Discovered delivers your persona in the best light possible. Checking all the boxes customers look for in a buying environment.

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